Aaamazzarites, also known as the Therbians, are a sentient humanoid civilization native to the planet Aaamazzara, in the Alpha Quadrant.

Biology Edit

Like most humanoids in the Milky Way, the Aaamazzarites were a Descendant race, seeded by the Progenitors, and therefore possessed a typical bipedal body plan. The Aaamazzarites have an insect-like ability to weave silk-like material from their mouths for use as clothing. Aaamazzarites can be allergic to certain species' fur. Aaamazzarite liquor was distilled from the saliva of elderly Aaamazzarite monks on their homeworld.

History Edit

The Aaamazzarites discovered warp drive technology in 2743 CE, joining the Federation soon after. They gained an independent embassy on the Citadel in 2918 CE. Aaamazzara itself fell to the Reapers during the Reaper War in 3186 CE.