The Axiinites are an advanced reptilian species native to the planet Axiin in the Delta Quadrant. They are members of the United Federation of Planets.

History Edit

The Axiinites first became a spacefaring species around 3000 BCE. At some point, they came into conflict with the Borg Collective, and were defeated. Many Axiinites were assimilated, while others fled to the edges of the Delta Quadrant to evade the Borg. Many of the Axiinites which escaped their defeat at the hands of the Borg put themselves into stasis, hoping to wait until another power came to challenge the Borg and assist them.

In the early 31st century, the United Federation of Planets had begun expanding into the Delta Quadrant, and consequently came into frequent conflict with the Borg. The Axiinites which had put themselves into stasis were discovered and revived. The Federation assisted the Axiinites in reclaiming their lost civilization, and the Axiinites restored their former state, the Axiin Principality. Together, the Federation and the Axiinites were able to defeat the Borg in several engagements, driving them out of the regions which were once Axiinite space. The Axiin Principality joined the United Federation of Planets in 3010 CE.