The Clan Ru are a sentient avian species originating from Earth, in the Alpha Quadrant. Their adopted homeworld is Thabotera, in the Adallio system.

History Edit

The Clan Ru evolved from the species Stenonychosaurus, that existed on Earth during the age of the dinosaurs. During the Cretaceous Period, around 75,000,000 BCE, the Stenonychosaurus species was rapidly growing in intelligence. However, the species would go extinct as a result of an asteroid impact which devastated the region upon which it lived. However, before the extinction could occur, specimens of Stenonychosaurus were transplanted from Earth to the Earth-like planet Thabotera by an unknown spacefaring species. There, the descendants of Stenonychosaurus gradually evolved, eventually resulting in the sentient avian species known as the Clan Ru. The Clan Ru developed an advanced civilization and eventually joined the United Federation of Planets.